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4.3       (194)

I've been with SportsEngine from the beginning with multiple sports and clubs. They keep improving and listening. They are far ahead of their competition in terms of support and engagement with their user community.

Kraig O.

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4.3       (194)

SportsEngine has doubled the size of our club in three years. The new site seems to project more confidence but it also appears very high in search engine results in our area, so we have more exposure.

Dave H.

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4.3       (194)

This software has allowed us to streamline our new member enrollment and annual membership renewal by doing it all online and getting away from the endless inaccurate paper trails.

Craig O.

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4.3       (194)

With a youth sports club, volunteers come and go every year and we needed something that could be easily used by a wide range of people with limited training.

Eric A.

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4.3       (194)

The organization this has provided, as well as the ease of scheduling, rostering, and reports, we are able to do with ease puts a smile on our face every time.

Wanda M.

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4.3       (194)

I found that with this software, I can turn over team pages to my coaches and they are able to maintain their pages on their own with very little training.

Shawn A.

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4.3       (194)

It has really streamlined my club and completely eliminated the use of any paper. The constant updates and changes to the platform to better it have been so useful as well.

Armando T.

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4.3       (194)

SportsEngine will help your league tremendously! It is so easy to have schedules, scores, stats, chats, and everything to help your team(s) stay on the same page!

Brayden K.


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Are there any obligations during the demo?

Absolutely not, the demo is completely free and we simply ask if you can't make the meeting or reschedule, that you let us know in advance.

How do I get help if I have questions on any of my tools?

We have many resources to help you get the most out of SportsEngine HQ. There is a help experience within SportsEngine HQ that presents contextual help information wherever you are on the platform. If you need additional help, you can chat online or schedule an appointment to talk with our customer success team. Plus, our Community forum is filled with other SportsEngine users that can help answer questions and share their own advice.

How long does a demo take?

A demo can take anywhere from 20 mins to 1 hour depending on how many questions you have or how detailed you want our team to go on specific features.

What is the cost?

View current pricing. After we understand your needs, our representative can make a recommendation regarding which package may best fit your requirements.