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More than perfect brackets

SportsEngine Tourney keeps tournament directors in control—from event planning through the final buzzer—with smart-assist technology. 

  • Auto scheduling 

  • Online registration 

  • Easy communication 

  • Team mobile app 

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Tournament technology for everyone 

The easy way to schedule and run tournaments

Auto-create brackets and schedules, keep teams informed, deliver results, and provide fans with an unforgettable experience.

  • Athletes
    Schedules & brackets 

    Planning is now easier than ever 

    Creating tournament games and brackets is quick and easy. Our automated scheduling technology takes into consideration: 

    • Team restrictions  

    • Court availability and requirements 

    • Distance between complexes 

    • Back-to-back games 

    • Max/min time between games 

    Plus, use our drag-and-drop tool to adjust your schedule if needed

  • Athletes
    Standings & scores 

    Give everyone a clear view 

    Every tournament and event gets a dedicated page to share standings, schedules, brackets and results.  

    You can post scores in one place for instant updates across the platform and devices to keep every team and fan clued-in to the action

  • Athletes
    Mobile app & messaging 

    Keep teams, families, and fans in-sync 

    SportsEngine Tourney includes a free mobile app for everyone to use. It comes complete with: 

    • Brackets 

    • Schedules and directions 

    • Standings 

    • Unlimited messaging 

    Plus, send messages from the app or platform to share schedule changes and anything else. 

  • Athletes
    Online registration 

    Collect every detail online 

    Collect everything you need, all up front, without touching another spreadsheet: 

    • Team names 

    • Divisions 

    • Rosters 

    • Payments 

    • Waivers 

    Best of all, the platform organizes all the information for you so it’s fast and easy to find. 


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