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Why Your Youth Sports Organization Should Invest in Video Broadcasting

Why Your Youth Sports Organization Should Invest in Video Broadcasting

This is the first article in our Roadmap to Success: SportsEngine Play series. Explore the full series and learn more about what SportsEngine Play can offer you here.

You likely clicked on this article because you are interested in bringing a live and on-demand broadcast video solution to your youth sports organization, and for that, we applaud you. Video is an essential tool for your organization to engage with your fan community, provide additional value to your members, develop athletes, and give your coaches tools to do their job better.  

In this article, we will discuss some reasons why it’s important for your youth sports organization to invest in a video solution this season. And hopefully, this better equips you to bring this decision to your board with confidence.

Provide Value for Your Members through Video

1. Engage Current Members and Recruit New Members 

There are many ways to reach current and future members, maybe nowhere better than social media. Video is proven to be highly engaging and shareable. Families love to share highlights and videos of their youth athlete playing the sports they love. By giving them video to share, you are not only helping to promote your athletes, but promoting your organization as well, which leads to growth. It’s the modern version of “word-of-mouth” marketing.

2. Help Your Athletes Grow 

Social media plays a crucial role in athletics, and with the growing popularity of NIL, it’s something that youth athletes will need to become more aware of. Helping to build your athletes' social brand and profile can help them immensely when it comes to college recruiting and planning for the future. Creating a video program at your organization can set young athletes up for success in the long run as they will have first-hand access to create highlight clips to share with coaches and on their social media channels. 

3. Develop Your Athletes On and Off the Field  

It’s important not to forget about the crucial role coaches play in helping to develop athletes as well. They have direct day-to-day contact with athletes. By providing them with live video and on-demand replays, you are unlocking a - tool for coaches to look at to help them teach athletes important skills and showcase important team learning lessons. Video is just another tool in a coach's toolbelt to reach their athletes however they might learn best.  

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