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Running a youth sports season can be stressful. From volunteer management to registration signups to scheduling out your games—you're extremely busy. That's why SportsEngine is excited to share our newest season management tools coming to SportsEngine HQ.

What's new with Season Management?

Watch as our product champions, Jessica Christiansen and Marie Fitzgerald, walkthrough the long-awaited ability to auto-schedule games with the new scheduling assistant tool. In addition, they walk through everything from conflict checking to creating one-off events; our scheduling assistant will streamline the workflow for your team. The motto of the platform is "The more you use it, the easier it is."  With this new workflow, you can communicate with your team faster than ever before.

"We read every piece of feedback from our customers regarding the product. This recent release was a part of that, and for that, we thank you. Our goal is to make things easier for the families and teams we serve," says Christianson. 

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Questions from the live event


Are you able to preset locations to choose from and detect schedule conflicts?

Yes, you can set up locations before you begin scheduling. Once you begin scheduling games, the system will tell you if there are conflicts at specific locations and how to fix them. Learn more

Will there be a new field status widget for the CMS that pulls from the new list of venues?

We currently don't have a field status widget for the Content Management System (CMS). Learn more


Can we add additional recipients to a message in Season Management who is not rostered to a specific team?

Currently, there is only the ability to send to players and staff rostered on the teams. Learn more

Can you embed photos into messages?

Yes, you can add photos and attachments to messages within season management. Learn more

What email address does messaging get sent to?

Messaging gets sent to the email address that is set for the rostered profile. Learn more


Can we remove the ability for a Team Manager to add locations?

Unfortunately, we do not have this present day, but granular permissions are on the roadmap. Learn more

Can we turn off the ability for a Team manager to edit the schedule once its posted?

Unfortunately, we do not have this present day, but granular permissions are on the roadmap. Learn more

Are there levels of permission outside of Team Admin? For example, we want coaches to use the mobile app and communicate with their team, but we do not want them to change the schedule.

Unfortunately, we do not have this present day, but granular permissions are on the roadmap. Learn more


Will conflicts show for both events and games or just games?

Unfortunately, we do not have this present day, but we are currently working on this project. Estimated completion time is by the end of June. Learn more

Is there a way to schedule practices and events as an admin in season management?

Today, you need to be an org admin to get permission into season management, and you can schedule practices. A team admin can schedule events and practices through Team Center. Learn more

Will the conflict tool identify two different leagues trying to utilize the same field simultaneously if they are in two different seasons?

We currently only have conflict-checking for one season at a time.

Can you export the schedule and import it into a Google Calendar?

Yes, you can export the schedule and import it into Google.

What kind of requirements can we input to not generate conflicting games?

The new scheduling assistant will walk you through several screens so you can input specific rules around conflicts, such as time of day, days of the week, coaches who coach multiple teams, and venue restrictions. Learn more

Does the schedule automatically create an even number of home vs. away games?

Yes, and it can be adjusted as you see fit.

If we have two leagues that do not play against each other during the season but want to have an interleague tournament at the end of the year, can we manage this?

Yes, you can. You would need to create them under the same season, just separate divisions, to be able to schedule games at the end of the season against one another.

Can you use the Scheduling Assistant for a tournament?

Today it is not set up to do brackets, but you could use it to schedule round-robin tournaments. Would recommend using TourneyMachine.

Will the new Scheduling Assistant be able to do playoff schedules?

At this time, no. However, Tourney Machine integrates with parts of SportsEngine HQ and can be used for your year-end tournaments.

Season Management

Can we run more than one season at a time?

Yes, you can run as many seasons at one time as your organizations needs.

Do I need SportsEngine content management system (CMS) to utilize the new season management functionality?

No, there is no requirement to utilize our CMS for any of the season management tools, including the season microsite, which can be published on any website.

Is there a way to auto-publish changes?

Any changes that are made in-season management are updated across all areas of the platform immediately. However, a team must be public for rostered members to see the changes. For the scheduling assistant, you'll need to sync your schedules by pressing a button, and all changes will be made public. To publish to your website, you will need to publish on the settings page manually.

Can you have different season settings per division?

Yes, you have the ability to set season settings but modify them per division. Learn more

What is the benefit of switching over to season management from sport management?

Season management will become the new place to manage your seasons. All new product updates and improvements will occur here. You also unlock access to the new Scheduling Assistant tool to help you save time while scheduling out your season. Learn more

If we use SportsEngine HQ for our website, will the season microsite automatically appear when activated, or do we need to manually add it to pages?

At this time, you will need to manually add it to the pages that you want it to appear on. Learn more

Will switching to season management from sport management impact any current seasons/schedules or admin/coach functionality?

No, if you have a season running or in progress in sport management, you should finish the season and switch to the new tools for your next season. You will not lose any of that data when you make the switch.

Can we move teams from sport management into the new season management?

Teams can be exported from sport management and imported into season management. However, it is much easier to create net new divisions and teams in minutes within your first season within the new tools. Next season, those will be easily copied over as they have been in the past. 

Standings & statistics

Can standings be set based on age group?

Yes, standings can be configured as needed by division, so creating separate divisions for each age group will allow this. Learn more

Are the statistics available to anyone outside of our organization?

If statistics are enabled for your season, they will display on the season microsite. You have the ability to make the website page public or private if you want to hide certain teams or divisions.

Can you make specific statistics private?

Today, we don't have the ability to make individual statistics private.

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