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How to Keep Your Classes Organized

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When was the last time you looked at your organization’s class structure? Whether you are looking to revamp your curriculum or launch a new program, having a well-designed class structure will guide parents to the correct classes and reduce the questions your administrative staff is fielding. Check out SportsEngine Motion’s expert tips on keeping your classes organized.  


Remember registering for classes in school? You found geometry and calculus listed under the mathematics program. Whether it is Beginner Swimming or Classes/Clinics, structuring your classes with other similar options will allow parents to find the correct one quickly.  

How to create additional Programs in SportsEngine Motion


A parent or guardian will likely sign up their child for a class with kids close to the same age if they're new to a program. Adding age restrictions to a class is a great starting point for parents to know what class to register for their child.

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Charge Categories   

On the administrative side, visibility into how much revenue each class and program generates will set you up for financial success in years to come. The easiest way to do this is using SportsEngine Motion’s Charge Categories. Taking the time to set up and assign the correct categories to the suitable classes means you can quickly view how much revenue your business generates by class, program, age group, competitive vs. recreational, etc. You can easily find all this information in a SportsEngine Motion Charge Category Report.


Once you create your classes, the next most important part is sharing them for all to see. By grabbing the direct Program URL, you can promote each aspect of your business via newsletters, SportsEngine Motion’s Social Feed, or even QR codes posted in your lobby.  

An organized system for your classes and an online registration platform allow for easy setup, organization, and sharing options. With recent updates to financial reporting tools and communication capabilities, choosing the right software allows your business to flourish and provides more opportunities for athletes in your community.