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6 Red Flags to Avoid with Class Management Software

We get it—change is hard, and nobody wants to learn a new process from scratch when things are going “just fine.” But you deserve to be more than “just fine”—you deserve to be “better than ever.” Which is why it might be time to take another look at your current business software.

When to know it’s time to switch to a new class management solution:

1. You’re spending too much time on administrative duties

Between charges, payments, and credits, handling all your finance tasks can take time and cause lots of stress. Not to mention balancing your calendar, communication, and social media to boot. But when you have the right class management solution, you can stay on top of all your business’ finance and communication needs with ease, in one place—without having to spend all your free time in front of a computer.

When you’re juggling your billing, communications, website, and mobile app on a few different programs, it’s time to consider switching to an all-in-one solution that will shave dollars AND hours off your bottom line.

2. Simple tasks confuse your customers

A good class management software isn’t just designed to help make running your business smoother, but also to make it easier on your customers. It’s supposed to save you time, and save you the trouble of responding to customers who fill your support queue with simple questions like how to sign up for classes or when their payments are due.

If your current provider doesn’t offer a parent portal and mobile app that can address any quick questions, it’s definitely time to reconsider.

3. It’s impossible to communicate with your customers

Effective communication with your customers is essential. It allows you to establish trust and maintain an ongoing relationship with them. Having a relationship built on trust means a customer is more likely to come back, remain satisfied, and recommend others to use your business—ultimately leading to more revenue. Between your website, emails, social media, and even Google—there are several different ways to connect with your customers. But it helps when you can manage all those different places in one central hub.


Your website is the front door to your business—so you need show-stopping curb appeal. Find a solution that includes both slick branding and the functionality to easily direct visitors where to sign up, share important dates and events, and even update them with a newsletter or blog.

Email & Social Media

You need a platform with an email center that serves as the central hub for your email messaging system, separates your customers into specific groups, and includes the ability to manage email opt-outs. And let’s not ignore the fact that people are using social media a lot more these days—sometimes in place of email. With so many different platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the list goes on—you need a solution that manages all your social media platforms in one place.


Remember: online reviews can directly increase your revenue stream. The more reviews you have, the higher you appear in Google searches. The better you’re ranked on Google, the less you need to spend on ads, and the quicker your customers can find your programs. Being able to connect your Google My Business account directly into your software is essential in successfully gaining new, positive reviews for your business.

4. The support team is "meh"

Having a support staff that goes above and beyond to give you the utmost care and attention is priceless. After all, this business is not just your day job—you live for encouraging teamwork, skills, and cameraderie with your youth athletes every day. It’s essential that your provider works with you like a partner—making sure you’re heard and acting as an extension of your staff. If you’re not getting that type of support from your provider, it’s time to leave immediately.

5. You’re paying for monthly fees and add-on charges

So maybe you have a solution that can do everything you want—but they’re charging you a monthly fee, plus even more for additional tools. Yeah, they have a mobile app—but you have to pay extra for it. Or maybe instead of getting perks to help grow your business, you’re getting charged more money when you accept more students—which can be even more costly if your inactive or graduated students count in that tally! If you’re not comfortable with your pricing and feel that you’re not getting everything you need for one simple price, then it’s time to look for an new software solution.

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6. You don’t remember the last time your software had a new update

Every day, you work to make your business the best it can be while helping your students improve and introducing them to the world of sport. You need a class management solution that shows the same passion and commitment that you do. When was the last time your software updated their features?

If your provider isn’t listening to your feedback to ensure you’re able to get your job done as seamlessly as possible—and giving you the tools you need to accomplish your goals—it’s time to find a new provider that cares about you, not just their bottom line.

It’s time to switch!

If even one of these red flags resonate with you , it’s time to start exploring new options that meet all your needs. Luckily, SportsEngine Motion can help solve all these problems and more with its all-in-one class management software. The best part? Switching couldn’t be easier—SportsEngine Motion has the best, most friendly support staff that will make the move quick and painless. So, what are you waiting for? Take your business from “just fine” to “better than ever” with the smartest move you’ll ever make.